Font issues in Storyline

Dec 13, 2012

I'm using a couple of fun fonts in a SL course that I'm building. One in particular, Baveuse, shows up just fine in SL when I'm building the course but, when I preview it, the font doesn't render correctly. See the screen shots below. Any idea why?


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Leslie McKerchie

Well Logan, I'm not sure if this is good or bad news...

I had a colleague test the Futura Medium font that you mentioned and he does not have an issue with format retention.

Seems that this is a standard Mac font, but not on the Windows side or available within Storyline unless you convert to the windows font library, which he did utilizing this tool.

At this point, Futura was available within Storyline and formatting was retained.

Mike Jones

Hi everyone, we're having a similar issue on a few machines. For us, the issue appears in the form of line spacing and font rendering appearing off for some but not for others in the same file.

Here's an example where Gil Sans MT is behaving differently in the same file on two different Windows 10 Machines:

Here is Gil Sans MT with 17 pt. line spacing (appears correctly):

Gil Sans MT with 17 pt. line spacing.

Same file, same font, same formatting (appears wrong):Gil Sans MT with same formatting settings.

Changing the formatting does not fix the issue on the machine experiencing the difficulties.

We've already verified that the font works correctly in MS Office on both machines.

Any ideas?



Christie Pollick

And Michael -- I thought for good measure that I might also ask if you can check the DPI settings on the various machines being used (please see additional information here).

And could you please also verify that you are following the Recommended Workflow for Collaborative Network Environments in order to avoid potential file corruption (which could be contributing to what you are experiencing)? 

Mike Jones

Hi Christie,

Thanks for the additional ideas of things to check. It looks like the DPI may be the culprit—her text size was set to 150%. I'm waiting to hear if that fixes the issue, but I can verify that we are following the recommended workflow that you also shared.

Just for good measure, I've also submitted the file via the form you shared the link for in your first reply. I've referenced this forum thread in the appropriate field.

Case # 00859154


Mike Jones

Great news—we changed her DPI setting, and it appears to have fixed the issue in this particular file. We'll need to test some other files that have given intermittent issues, but I'll be sure to check the DPI setting on anyone's machine that reports font issues in the future.

Thanks again, Christie!

Please let me know if your team finds anything weird with the Gil Sans MT font that may not be accounted for with this particular fix.

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