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Nicola Fern


Did you apply the formatting in SL or in another program like Word? Did you write it yourself?

Sometimes pasting in pre-formatted text, especially if it's not written by you (due to other people's formatting) can give odd results in any program. I would try pasting it as unformatted text in Word and then re-copying and pasting it in Storyline, then apply the formatting you need there.

Also, SL has settings that can be used to adjust the spacing of letters so you might look at those settings and seeing if any are applied to the text. Click the button with AV and a left to right arrow that's under the font face selector and select 'more spacing'...the settings are at the bottom of the box that pops up.  You can apply this to all the text in a box or just selected text so you could try selecting your 'I's and seeing if adjusting it makes a difference.

For the record, I checked some text in Arial on SL here and didn't see a problem.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Teri,

As Phil mentioned this is an issue we've reported to our QA team for review. I don't have any additional information to share at this time, but I'll include this thread in the report we've filed with them so that we'll be able to update you here once there is additional information to share. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Alex for sharing that info here - what font is it that allowed everything to work normally for you? If it's a font accessible to others it may be worth sharing here so that they can look at using that font.

In the meantime, we will share any additional information from our QA team here, but I don't have any additional information to share at this time.