font license question: do end users have access to embedded fonts when viewing html5 published courses off of an LMS?

#Justin Grenier I am tagging you here as I noticed you had good font info on a separate thread.  I'm trying to ensure that we are compliant with our desktop font license in our eLearnings.  Do end users have access to fonts embedded in our course when viewing our html5 published courses off of an LMS?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laurel,

Thanks for posting here and connecting with our Support team! I saw Renz was able to help you out and I wanted to share the details of his response here for anyone else who comes across this discussion: 

Technically they would be able to download the file if they know what to do and where to look, however, it would not be in a usable format for them, so you can rest easy on that front. 

To illustrate, they would first need to have some knowledge of how to use developer tools to inspect our published output on the web server. 

Then, they would need to find the location of all .woff files (Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is a font format for use in web pages.), have an understanding of what a .woff file is, and how to manually download the .woff file. 

From there, the .woff file is only usable on the web, so no one can use this on a desktop computer. 

Lastly, our .woff files are custom scripted, so they aren’t likely to work well with other content on the web. 

Your fonts should be pretty safe as they would have to go through some trouble even just to download them, let alone use or find them in a useful format. 

Hope that eases any worries you may have had! 

Feel free to let Renz or I know if you need any other help!