Font not installed message

Oct 31, 2017

I opened a .story file that was created in Storyline 2 into Storyline 360.  I received a message that the font that was used in the course was not installed on my pc.  It is a custom font my company uses and it is installed on my pc and does show up in the list of fonts in 360, but when it is published the text is all whacky and letters are missing.  How do I get 360 to recognize I have the font installed?  Everything works fine if I create a new course from scratch - it seems like it is just when I open a Storyline 2 course.  Any ideas why it is doing that?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pat,

When you're viewing the published output of your courses, where are you testing those? I'd want to know more about the hosting platform (web server, LMS, etc.) and what browser(s) you're viewing it with? 

Could you share some screenshots of how the text displays to help us narrow down what's occurring?  

Also, have you tried reinstalling the font? I know that helped with a similar issue shared here in ELH.

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