Font not working properly in preview or exported course

Hi everybody,

I got tasked with updating a couple of old courses thats created in Storyline 3. Ive made my changes to the content but there seems to be a problem with the fonts.

 When I preview/publish the course some of the fonts changes and some letters, F for example, is changed. The problem appears on headlines and not body text.

When I open the course from our LMS it looks even weirder, its like my headlines have been replaced with random letters. This problem occurs in IE and Edge but not in Chrome. However - my organisation uses IE as default browser so it has to work when using this browser.

Is there anyone else that have experienced the same issues? I saw some older posts about fonts not working properly but couldnt find a concrete solution.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Svea,

This issue is related to the Font Download setting in the browser. If that setting is disabled, the browser can't properly handle the font, which typically results in F's and/or I's going missing. It can also prevent special fonts from being used, i.e., those get changed to default fonts, which may look quite different.

The attached image shows the "answer" from a similar post. Last month, I had captured and saved the screen for future reference -- and, look, it's already coming in handy.  :-)