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Mar 17, 2015

Hi everybody

I like Storyline 2 for its rich functionality and the predictably good result I can get from it. This is true as long as my customer does not want me to format single words ...

In my eLearning projects I use specific fonts and always end up with problems if formatting single words. It does not matter if it's OpenType or TrueType fonts.  Assigning bold or italic results in the worst effects. Underlining won't work as expected, too.

There are however for different fonts some font sizes that will work for me while others do not, e.g. 14.5pt, 14pt, 13.5pt and 12pt for Frutiger 55 Roman (as you can see in the attached production in the first Scene).  Other fonts behave differently.

There seems to be no workaround for smaller font sizes (below 11pt).

Other workarounds I tried:

  •  Using screenshots instead of text (text will look blurry in any case)
  • Cut out the bold words, re-insert them into new text boxes and navigate them carefully to a position where the produced version will show them almost in line with the other text (but this changes depending on the size of the presenter window)
  • Replace the font for bold words with another font (works but only for some font sizes and of course breaks the customer's brand design rules) 

An additional observation: Changing the font size in the Editor about 0.5pt sometimes does not change the resulting font size. Some examples with Frutiger 55 Roman are:

  • 14.5pt=14pt
  • 13pt=12.5pt
  • 11.5pt=11pt
  • 10pt=9.5pt 

All of the above makes it very hard to get acceptable results with Storyline 2. I am not interested in who is to blame for the issues. And so my questions are:

  • Will there be a solution to these problems in 2015?
  • Does anybody have an explanation for these effects mentioned above?
  • Are there workarounds I did not mention?
  • Is OpenType worse than TrueType for the use with Storyline 2?

Kind regards

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