Font publishing larger in Storyline


We have reviewed this eLearning course numerous time by publishing to a web file.  Everything looked good.  Now that we published to a LMS file and posted it on our LMS, the font is the wrong size and is running out of the text boxes and overlapping.  What could be causing this issue? I have attached a couple of examples.

Thanks for your help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Kaye!

Just to confirm, this doesn't happen at all when previewing, only when viewing the published content that's been uploaded to the LMS, correct? By any chance, was there another version of the course on the LMS that was overwritten? Possibly after an additional update, etc? If so, are you able to clear your browser cache, or rename the course and upload it?

If that doesn't change anything, can you tell me what browser you're using to view the course, please? Also, are you able to share a link to the course, so I can take a look?