font resizes inside dialogue boxes

Hey, everybody. New Storyline user here. I'm putting text into dialogue bubbles at 12 pt. Every time I try to re-size the bubble, the font size changes (grows or shrinks). This is very annoying. Does anyone know of a way to set Storyline up so that once I set the font at 12 pts it will STAY that size no matter what i do to the dialogue bubbles? thanks!

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Mike Enders


Are you seeing this change happen after you publish it out?  

One quick question and possible fix.  Sometimes, if the canvas size is set to something other than 100%, you can see a resizing. But this won't effect the published output.  So if you're not on 100%, try setting it to that mark and see if that clears the problem.


Meg Johnston

Hi Ken,

This happens because of the default Autofit setting for the shape and is easily corrected.  

Right click on your dialogue bubble to display the shortcut menu, then select Format Shape.  Then select the Text Box tab and make sure you click on Do Not Autofit.

 This should be the solution.  Let us know!