Font Size


I have the following issue:

There is a difference  of the font size of a text in a textbox between:

- when i select the shape of the textbox

- when i edit the text in the textbox


size font : 18.5 when the shape of the texbox is selected

Size font: 15: when the text in the texbox is edited

What is the right information for the font size?

Thank you for your answer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurent,

I'm not able to recreate what you're seeing - one thing to always check is that you're viewing your course at 100% as that can change how you view the text size sometimes when clicking within the textbox. If that doesn't help -  I'm not able to recreate what you're seeing, so if you'd like to share your .story file here I'm happy to take a look. 

Laurent GALAUP

Here is the file.

there is no problem on how i see the text size. there is a problem on the information that articulate storyline gives to me.

when i select the textbox, there is one size displayed (on the "Font" panel) . When i select the text that is in the textbox,, the text size displayed (on the "Font" panel) is not the same ! 

Visually, the text size is the same.

I opened this .story on another computer and the text size displayed on the "Font" panel is the same when i select the textbox or the text in the textbox.

the problem is not only on this .story but on each .story that open on my computer.

Craig Blackburn

I am having the same issue on my courses on a particular PC

Interestingly, I opened Laurent's example and the 2 font sizes were 17 & 19, not 15 & 18.5 as per his intial screenshot.

I have been testing publishing my course and I believe the font size when you select the text is what is actually displayed but it is very confusing!!

Would be very eager to hear if there is a fix for this.

P.S In case its a help I am on Update 3: 1305 2012 and my PC is Windows 7.  I did not have the issue on my old XP machine - I have also found that some objects get re-positioned & re-sized when opening a course authored on XP on a Windows 7 machine.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurent, 

Thanks for sending along your file - I opened it up and both ways it showed it with font size 18.5. Since I see it one way, you see it another, and Craig sees it a completely different way - it's definitely something with all of our own individual settings. What is different about the computer your using vs. the one you tested it on?