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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lynn,

Right now it's not possible to adjust the text size on the player's text labels, but our dev team welcomes feature requests and reads every one. In the meantime, here are a couple ideas for you:

  • You could change to a different font on your player, which might make the player items easier for your learners to read. Check out this tutorial and scroll to the part that says "Customizing the player font."
  • Another thought is, you could change the player size so that the course is scaleable (meaning that learners can resize their browser window and the course will scale to fill it). This will mean that everything about the course, including the player, can be scaled up or down in size. The downside of that is, anytime you scale a course, the slide content will lose a little visual clarity because it's not locked at its optimal native size. But if you'd like to experiment with allowing the size to be scaled by your learners, you can check out this tutorial