Font size and some text boxes change size

Aug 12, 2014


I have brought home a project I was working on.

When developing the project on my work computer it looks fine.

on my home laptop, the text and text boxes change size randomly and fall off the screen. This is the same project file I am using.

The only difference is my home computer is HD.

Is Storyline sensitive to screen resolution?

if so then is there a work around? its very annoying to be working on a project, then come home to finish it off to find that everything has moved.

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Evelyn Maizels

we used to have this problem too. there is a parameter that must be controlled to get consistent behavior, that is that text enhancement in Windows Control Panel for screen appearance needs to be at 100 percent (called smaller setting). it can be set to something other than 100 per cent in factory defaults, so you may not even have touched this setting or knew anything about it and it can be causing this problem.

It is unclear to me what the relationship is between these text enhancement settings and the DPI resolution settings, since there is also a separate slider that adjusts the display to show different pixel dimensions / resolution settings for the monitor. We need to scale our monitor setting way down in the pixel dimensions / resolution to get good appearance and behavior in Storyline in addition to controlling the text enhancement settings

see other post for screenshot details


Evelyn Maizels

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