Font size changes when PPT is uploaded to Storyline

Our storyline is set up as a multilingual course, so the initial slide has the language selection and each language button triggers the applicable translated slide deck to appear with voice over.  Not sure why, but the font size changes when I upload the PPTs to storyline (all 19 languages). I've checked all the settings I know to and don't see any issue.  Have others come accross this issue previously and if so, have you found a soloution?

Many thanks for your help!

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Geert De Rycke

Hi KJr,

Welcome to the heroes page.

It is inded frustrating to see all your nice slides beeing hustled when importing them from PPT(x).

Although Storyline can import almost everything from PPT, when it imports, if uses its own set of default. Especially the textboxes.

The default settings is "Resize shape to fit text". When you've drawn a large text box in PPT, after import, the box will be resized to the size of the text...

I haven't come across a solution to this problem