Font size changing when opening story file on different computer

Aug 06, 2014

We are working on many story files in a team environment. I finished a show and passed it on to a team member to look at. He has the same make and model computer as I do. When he opened the story file, on a few screens the font size changed from 16 to 20 and caused the layout to look all jumbled. We are trying to reload the latest update again - outside of that does anyone have any insights.

Also, the search function in this forum seems useless for me, unless there is a secret way to use it. I type any word in it and it says 'not found'. For example the word 'font' should surely prompt some search results? But nope.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Joe,

Regarding searching, this Screenr describes a better way to search the forums, using Google.

Also, one of the senior support engineers came up with something called Articusearch.

Regarding the different font sizes, it may be due to different DPI settings. This support article may provide you with some direction.

Zara Ogden

Keep in mind also that if the font used is not on the other PC you may have this problem.I have it all the time. I have informed team member to never publish form their PC as it will not be as intended. this is especially for script fonts.

Perhaps check the fonts used most often and ensure that everyone has them loaded on their computers.

Rusty Worden

Not helpful. both Quizmaker and Storyline  have changed sizes of objects and text on the same computer not 3 hours apart from reopening the project.

Sadly - and not surprisingly - Articulate has no response on this post - and I do not suspect one on my others.


First image is Storyline. Second is Quizmaker - both created on the same machine that now has the issue. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rusty,

I see that on this other post, Phil pointed out the issue with DPI settings. Here is the documentation of this in regards to Storyline 2 

Also, our team monitors the forums and responds to posts that still need assistance or to confirm an answer - since Rebecca provided the answer that we would have provided as staff, this post was not answered by a team member. In addition to reaching out to us in the forums, you can also always connect with our Support engineers here or share ideas with our product development team here. 

Jazzmine O

Bummer. I am having an issue with fluctuating font sizes too. But this is on the same computer from Storyline to Storyline. The same font I use in one project is size 23 (23!) in another. I am trying to establish a style guide, which includes font size, but this is ri-donk-ulous for any sort of order. :(

Here're two screenshots... (Sorry for the hack-job editing just in case there is sensitive info on there) One is in one project, the other is the same slide imported into another project. I imported the slide simply to see what was going on with size 16, which looked way too small in comparison to what I'd seen as size 16 in my other projects.


Font 16

Font 23

Jazzmine O

They were both created using the same template, so there shouldn't be a difference. I looked at the player, and the only difference I see is that one is set to "Resize to Optimal Size" and the other is "Display at current browser size" or something like that. Shouldn't make a difference.. Is there another place I should look?

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