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Chris Dorna

Hi Leslie,

I attached the html-file. It is published on http://www.codekids.nl/media/motor/arduino_uno-driver_1-motor_1.html. When browsing to this page the font is realy huge but when I use it as a Web Object (on a layer), the font is small.

Thanks for the help!


Katie Riggio

Hello Chris,

Thank you for the opportunity to test the link! 

I used Storyline 360 Update 41, where I'm having trouble recreating the small font size in the published output:

To make sure we find the best way forward, could you help me confirm a few more details?

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • What browser are you using? I used Chrome 83 in my test.
  • Are you comfortable with creating a short Peek 360 recording of what you see so I can try to replicate it?