font size smaller in HTML5 with text variables


I have a small problem... It's the word...

When I create a course with a lot of text variable (ex : %name%...) and when I publish in flash and html5, you can see the result :

The first picture is on my ipad in html 5, and the second is on my computer in Flash.

I tried differents fonts (arial, courrier, helvetiva...) Nothing change.

Someone have au solution because, in fact, it's a big problem for me!!!!!!


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Thabiso Motaung



I am having the same issue with font display. IE and Edge are working perfectly fine but Chrome on the other hand, the font doesn't look OK, too small, unknown characters appears too. I have been trying most of the solutions from this community nothing is working. Please help, anyone 

Bruce Roberts

If however, you are using Storyline 3, you may find this helpful:

Right click your text box
Select "Format shape"
Select "Text Box"
Under "Autofit" select the radio button "Resize shape to fit text"
(Make sure your text box and font size looks good on your slide, in edit view before publishing)

This has worked for me with fonts like Open Sans and Arial.

Jamie Curry

I know this is an old thread, but I am having issues with font size/spacing changes with a variable in text using Storyline 360. I am publishing to Chrome or IE. I noticed on May 22, 2018 there was an update and it states the issue is fixed.  (Fixed: Text with variable references would shrink in HTML5 output.)

I updated my versions and I am still experiencing the issue today.