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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ana!

Quick question, how are you viewing the published content and how are you publishing? If you're viewing it locally, that may be an issue. If you're viewing HTML5 content, that may also be why you're seeing the font change.

Can you share a little more information about what's happening with the project, or possibly a link to the project or the .STORY file?



Ana Victória

Hey Cristine, Thanks Glad to know I have the latest version.

Geert, I didn't changed the player font. I republished  but it's the same :(. All dynamic text look different, specially in quizzes.

This is really important 'cause the client is a multi-brand chain of stores and at the beginning the learner must choose his/her store. So we have a lot of dynamic text.

I have already changed font, the "Autofit" options, ...  and nothing!

Going nuts!