Fonts changing automatically in Text Entry

Hi all -- has anyone else experienced this? I have 3 text entry boxes where the font keeps changing (consistently) by itself back to the default (light blue). I've tried changing it several times and it keeps reverting. Any way to stop this? I haven't had any issues with formatting on any other objects. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Michael,

hmmm. Text boxes default to black text for me. I CAN change this by

  1. Select the text in the box and change the color.
  2. Right-click the text box and choose "Set as default text box" from the shortcut menu

All new textboxes will now be in the color I chose in step 1 above.

Also, though, I can change any of the text boxes to a different color and that "takes."

Can you give us any more information about your file or perhaps upload it here? Also, is it SL1 or SL2?