For mobile - some slides play long regardless of timline

Jul 23, 2014

I have a course that must be mobile enabled. When I play the course on a computer, everything is fine.

When I play the course on an iPad, some slides have a mysterious delay before the end of the slide. It's like the slide suddenly has an extra 20 seconds of dead air between the end of the audio and before the final elements appear on the screen. I have been trying to reduce the animations, adjust the timelines to the correct length but it does no good. Where is the extra time coming from and how do I get rid of it in the .html5 format for mobile?

The extra time appear on some slides with layers and on some without layers. The further and further you get in the course, the delay gets longer and longer as if it's accumulating somehow.

Any bright ideas? I am told that a mobile version is important for this particular audience.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sandra,

It may be a couple of things, but unfortunately, without seeing or testing the course it's difficult to say.

I understand that you're viewing the HTML5 output, and that may be a requirement for the course, but can you tell us if the same issue occurs if you view the course for Flash/Articulate Mobile Player? This would help us determine whether or not the issue is HTML5-specific.

It may also help to make sure you're publishing with the most recent version of Storyline. To find this information click on Help > About Articulate Storyline. If you're not running Update 5, I recommend downloading and installing the update.

Here's more information:

Articulate Storyline Update 5 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and HTML5 output enhancements. Click here for details.

If you continue to have trouble, I recommend sharing your .story file here so we can take a look. However, please keep in mind that in order to share your file here, it needs to be 20 MB or smaller. If your file is larger than this, please let me know. We can discuss other options for sharing the project for testing.

Please let us know how it goes!


Sandra Lowe

The course plays flawlessly in the regular flash LMS system. The odd addition of extra time on certain slides only happens on the iPad playback. And it only happens on slides that use an auto-advance with slide layers. Right now the fix we are using is, unfortunately, to have two separate versions of the course. One that has been developed for desktop - layers and functionality intact. And one for mobile with all of the layers removed and additional branched slides added in their place. It makes it a pain to have to prepare two different courses.

My first line of attack was to remove all the auto-advance and while that allowed for the functionality of being able to move from slide to slide, the published output still added the additional delay of 10 seconds or more after the audio finished playing and before the final elements appeared and the slide ended. there is no apparent reason for the extra time added to the slide. The timeline is set and in preview in SL, it's fine. Open the course on the iPad and the weird delays appear.

I was just wondering if anyone else had seen this. A couple other developers where I work have seen it and we're at a loss as to where it comes from. We are currently recommending that using slide layers and mobile don't go together. If we know a course needs to have a mobile element, we will avoid the use of layers.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sandra,

Thank you very much for the detailed response.

After I last responded we did release a new update for Storyline, Update 6:

Click here to view the list of changes made in the new update.

Click here to download Update 6.

I recommend installing the update, republishing your course and testing it on the iPad.

If you still see this issue, it's something we'll want to look into on our end. Since you're seeing this in multiple courses, are you able to reproduce this in a new file and share the file with us?


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