Force Commit Statement in Storyline (v1)

Our company has discovered a problem when content is published to AICC (through either Storyline 1 or Presenter '13). There is a setting within the configuation.js and lms.js files that force a commit time. This is sending an attempt to our LMS prior the learner actually completing the content. For example, we have a 15-minute module with three attempt limits (set within our LMS), but the FORCE COMMIT statement in Articulate is sending a commit every ten minutes to our LMS and the learners max out attempts on the first try.

It appears the default value for the FORCE COMMIT statement is "60000" seconds. We need to set up Presenter and Storyline to change that setting to "0" which indicates no commit time.

Has anyone encountered this? Where can I find the setting within Presenter and Storyline to correct this problem?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Prateek Nagar

This setting can be turned off in the Configuration.JS file located in the zip package when you publish your course.

Inside the Configuration.js file, you will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page until you see the “var FORCED_COMMIT_TIME = “60000”. The 60,000 value is the number of milliseconds in 1 minute, this makes our conversion rate to minutes in the course.

To turn off the Force Commit conversion, this value needs to go from “60,000” milliseconds to “0”.