Force layers view with the next button

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to force the view of each layers when using the next button. I do not want to disable the next button to keep program consistency. When the trigger is used with only one layer it is working appropriately but when there is multiple layer only one layer is display. 

What steps am I missing?

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Walt Hamilton

All of the built-in states ( Hover, Down, Visited, Selected) are just like you and me (and all the rest of us). They think they are perfectly normal. So if you use a condition Is not equal Normal, they all report, "Yep, I'm perfectly Normal."

When your learner clicks Next, or Swipes, Button1 will not be Hover, or Down anyway, So you can rewrite this to be "if the state of Button1 = Visited" (which is what you really want to check), I think it will work for you.

Walt Hamilton

I didn't look deep enough. Both triggers had the same problem. Sometimes it only manifests with the "is not equal to condition", but in this case it is also with the "is equal to" condition.  The state of button 2 was changing when Next was clicked, but the layer not showing. that told me the Filling layer was showing, but before you could see it, the Reworking layer was showing again.  In those two triggers, change all the "Normal" states to "Visited" and it will work.


Note that they have to be in this order, because if the Reworking trigger is first, it will open the layer long enough to set the Button to "Visited" before the next trigger, which will then show the "Filling" layer.