Force learner to submit all question slides before result slide.


I have some Storyline quiz slides. The learner can answer those questions in any order.

So far, the last question slide takes the learner to the result slide, no matter if they answer all the questions or not.

How to prevent this situation and redirect the learner to all unanswered questions before letting them access the result slide ?

Thanks a lot.

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atilo polig

To complete my question, I want to keep the default submit button on each question slide so the learner gets an instant feedback BUT I don't wish that an question remains unanswered before the result slide appears.

In Quiz Maker, the learner will be redirected to all unanswered questions before going to the result slide.

Any ideas ?

atilo polig

I have created a quick Storyline built-in quiz with two questions.

If I'm on the first question slide use the menu to jump to the second without answering the first and I submit the second, I'm taken to the result slide which will show me a result of 50%.

Instead, I wish that submitting the second question slide takes me back to the first question left unanswered...


Sara Reller

If you use a question bank pull instead of individual quiz slides it will only display one item (Review/Quiz/whathaveyou) on the menu and they can't jump to the results. Alternately you could only have the first quiz slide display on the menu (manually edit it) and then they have to navigate thru with the next function.

Would this work for you?