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Oct 09, 2015

Hello Articulate Community,

We are moving from 1 SCORM production solution to Articulate.  Demoing Storyline 2 right now.  We are not needing to produce courses with multiple slide, quizzing, etc at this time.  Our LMS is SumTotal (version 2015.1).

What we need to do is have straight video recordings inserted into the slide where the user plays the video & once they reach a certain percentage of the video (i.e. 95% or minute marker) they will receive a complete status in SumTotal.  Anything less they will be incomplete until they watch 95% of the video.

We have created a few sample tests courses with videos and posted to SumTotal.  In the test we have created Chromeless player with no seekbar, volume, table of contents etc.  Only added "video controls" with a transparent shape on top of the seekbar so users cannot fast forward (cheat) but can see time of the video itself.

Is there a simple method to enforce users to watch a determined amount of time we set of a video?  Anything less SumTotal does not record them as complete...anything equal to or higher than the threshold they receive complete credit?  With all that said we want to make sure too that if they click the X to exit the browser windows itself they're not receiving credit.



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