Forced viewing of all buttons

I have a slide that includes 7 content buttons linked to other slides containing info about the content. I don't want learners to be able to click the "next" button until all content buttons have been clicked. I set up a trigger:

Action: Adjust variable

Variable: NextButton

Operator: = Assignment

Value = True

When = State

On = All of

Then I listed all the content buttons

Are = Visited

It seems that this should have worked but it doesn't. I can totally skip the content buttons by simply clicking the next button.

Can anyone help.


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Shyam Saha

Hi Lynn,

You can achieve this with the below logic -

The screen (Control Screen) where you have all the 7 buttons, make the following changes.

Create a next button - Default Hidden + Hyperlink it to the screen where you want to jump [only when all 7 buttons are clicked]

Create a trigger > Change the Next button to Visible > When State of all the 7 buttons changes to Selected.

This will do the trick for you. 

Please note, you have to create a button in each of the screens meant for the buttons, to bring the user back to your control screen.

If you need more clarity, let me know.


Lynn Hauser

Thanks for idea Shyam. I should have clarified that the client only wants to use the "regular" next buttons that are on the standard player. So, basically what I need is for that next button to be deactivated until all the content buttons have been clicked. Do you know if I can make that happen? Lynn

Michael Hinze

Hi Lynn, one option is to add a trigger to the next button to only jump to slide x when all seven items are in visited state. Here is a quick example. In my example I added a second trigger to the Next button that provides some feedback if the user clicks the button BEFORE all seven items have been viewed. Hope that's what you wanted.