Foreign / special characters disappering in text box


I´m sorry if it´s a known issue (I looked, but didn´t find anything...)

Whenever I have a text box with text AND reference to a variable, the special characters (such as ç ; é)  just disappear.

Example - I have a number variable called 'Coins'. If I make a text box: "Você tem %Coins%" the 'ê' just disappears, showing "Voc tem #".  (BTW, 'Você tem' means 'you have' in portuguese and the variable reference works fine).

Is there any way around this, or the best thing is to separate the variables from the text (in different text boxes)??


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rudy,

First, have you installed Update 2 for Storyline? If not, you can download it here.

I know there were issues for some of the characters you mentioned, but I believe the majority of those issues have been resolved with the update. 

If the issue continues after updating, or if you've already updated, please let me know.