Form-Based Quiz: How to defined spaces between questions automatically?

I have a custom design for a form-based quiz (attached file), and as you can see we have space between the questions. But I put those spaces manually, one by one - which seems not to be a good approach, especially because I have to set the space up everytime I add a new question, because it doesn't born with the desired space.

How am I able to define space between the questions automatically? Or am not able to do that currently?

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Jan Lua

Hi Rian,

I understand you want your questions to be evenly spaced. Have you tried copy and pasting one of the questions and editing the content instead of creating a new question? This would make the pasted question have the same format and since the changes are simply text, you could just edit it to your new content.

Let me know if that helps or if it's something different altogether.