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Kevin Croteau

Just an FYI, I'm using a trail period of Storyline and discovering that there are SO many basics functions & formatting that have been left out of this first version.  For myself who is currently unemployed the decision to purchase this software is a large investment without a corporate budget.  

I could come up with a list of basic capabilities from powerpoint and excel such as tables that have not been incorporated?

I still VERY much appreciate your prompt feedback and attention to detail in your responses.


Phil Mayor

There are a lot of things like basic formatting and animation that are missing and are being worked on.

Storyline is the only software I use for producing work (In the past I have used Flash, captivate, Studio), some of my skill is in working round these issues and guiding clients away from features that are not available.

Sij X

Hi Peter,

I think I've figured it out. SL seems to have this problem when the file name is in Spanish/ with special characters.

I changed the title through Resource window within SL for the first two (1,2) and the icons were still overlapping and oversized.
I then renamed the actual file names and then added them again as 111 and 222. Seems to have stopped the issue.

Problem is, since I'll be building a lot of units in Spanish and Arabic, I'm not sure how I can get the desired titles in Spanish and Arabic to show under the Resources tab.

I hope you could be a Super Hero that you are and add a bug report for this issue I'm also open to any other suggestions you may have!

Kind regards,


Peter Anderson

Hi Sij, 

Hope you had a great weekend I'm actually unable to replicate this issue on my end. I created two different PDF files - one with no accents in the source title and one with accents in the source title. I then added both to my Storyline Resource tab and they both appeared correctly, with regular-sized PDF icons. 

If you can consistently reproduce this on your end, we'd definitely be interested in learning why it's happening. What would be really helpful, is if you could record a quick screencast of the exact process you're taking to repro it, and then share it with us via this link.

Let me know the case number when you get one and I'll make sure we get to it ASAP. 

Thanks, Sij!