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Sep 27, 2016

Hi all

The format painter function is fabulous - saves alot of time if I want several items to have the same state...

However I am sure (until recently) the format would include the colour of text?.... however this seems to no longer be the case

ie if for example I have a number of text boxes being used to select different  layers, and I add a visited state to one of the text boxes which changes the colour of the text from White to Black... if I now use the Format painter to copy this state to all the text boxes, this function only adds the visited state, but the text colour of the visited state remains white....

Is there a way of copying the text colour as well?? otherwise the Format Painter function doesn't actually save much time as I have to go back and edit each text box!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Patricia- Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us here about this, I can certainly understand the frustration. The issue you're describing regarding the format painter not applying text formatting to states is one that our Quality Assurance team is aware of and investigating. I don't have any updates to provide at this time but I've added this thread to the report. Since you're subscribed here, you'll receive notifications of updates when applicable. :)

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