Format Picture Color Change


I have a question reguarding the format picture color change options. I have used a folder image and placed it into a slide master. In the slide master I used the format picture color change to make it a lighter variation which works just fine in the editing stage, but once I go into 'preview' the folder turns to a much different color. Do you know if there is anything I have done wrong or why this isn't working?

I have attached the before (lighter) and after (darker image in preview stage) to show you what I mean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you for your time,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Emily and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm not sure that I'm following your issue, but I would like to ask one question.  You mention that things do not look right when previewing, and I wanted to mention that it is best to test your content in its intended environment to check behavior.  Check out this article on publishing and sharing your Storyline content.  Let me know what you find and have a great day!