Formatting a Data Entry Field

I have a data entry field in a software simulation that I have created using screenshots. The user needs to type a value into the field in order to move on. I can't get the formatting (Arial 10.5 black) to stick. It always reverts back to the white Articulate font in size 18. I'm going nuts because I have tried everything, except for the right things. Please help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi viv and welcome to Heroes! 

If you set a particular font/size within the data entry itself, that same font/size is not necessarily used when you call the variable again later in the course. You'd want to ensure that the font/size of the variable later in the course is formatted as you'd like - and if you'd want it to be the same as when you entered the text variable, you'll need to make the font/size of the %Variablename% match. I've attached a sample to show you what I'm describing.