Formatting and line breaks in captions/text boxes.

Hi there, hope someone has some insight into this.  I apologise for how long winded this post has ended up.

we have, throughout our projects, had the format of a text box with something like the following:

%NameOfUser%: Instructions to the user
usually over multiple lines and in a certain


Now this is usually fine, unless when the variable is optional, then when it hasnt initialised the bold formatting 'on the variable' spills over into the other non-bold text. However we've found with a little experimentation that it doesn't happen when you have a line-break that has been explicitly put in (We have chosen where to put the eol with the return key) rather than let the text automatically add line breaks. I've included a sample project that displays what I've experienced.

SO...Is there a way of putting inline optional variables that have a certain formatting without it changing the format of the text around it when it doesn't exist?

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