Formatting Changes when Sharing a File

Jan 07, 2014

I received an Articulate Storyline file from another end user that I was to revise slightly (content only) then publish for an LMS. The positioning of text boxes, etc., in the original file was fine. However, when I opened the file, many text boxes and popup markers moved and popup boxes were no longer large enough to contain text, as if the font size had increased (which it had not). HELP!?!

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Amy McCraw

Hi, Rebecca.

I checked with the other end user (the original creator of the file), and they also have this issue when publishing the course on the same computer on which they created the Articulate file. Text boxes and popup markers/boxes shift arbitrarily. Therefore, it is not just a matter of sharing a file between different computers. The only resolution they have found (including in their online research on the Articulate community) is to manually re-adjust the placements.

I am going to inquire further with them to get additional details and I will share your linked document with them. In the meantime, we are facing this and another even more serious issue with Articulate that is as of yet unresolved and is a potential show-stopper to training development for a multi-million dollar project, and if we can’t get these resolved we are at risk of having to change development software or take other measures. Can you advise as to the best way to escalate these issues? Thanks!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amy,

I was asking if it was a different computer because if it was working on one...which you've now indicated is not the case...and not on another, one possibility could have been correct DPI on one and not the other.

I don't work for Articulate, but hopefully one of the staff members will weigh in here to help you out.

This is the support page link.

Wishing you good luck. Hope the show doesn't stop and that you get it all resolved.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

As Becky mentioned, DPI is a common issue, and if you're sharing files across computers you'll want to make sure that when you open the .story file to work on it you're opening it from your local drive. 

If you'd like us to take a look at your file, we're happy to here in the forums or using the Support link Becky shared. You mentioned another issue that you said is yet unresolved, have you already opened a case for that? I didn't see one, but as you mentioned another colleague it may be under their name. If you have a case number I'm happy to check in on that one as well.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with. 

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