Formatting in html5 version

Hi there,

I have created a "learning checkpoints" course for a client that consists of a bunch of question banks and a certificate page.  For some reason, when I view the course on an iPad (or on a browser using the html5 version), the formatting is messed up on some of the questions in some of the quizzes--usually the answers are pushed way down on the page so that the "submit" button covers some of them up. Sometimes, an answer choice or two go completely off the bottom of the page.  The certificate page content goes off the page and it doesn't seem to be recognizing the fonts I used.

Is there a way to fix this problem?  Many of the users of this course will need the html5 version, and they will NOT be able to use the mobile player.

Thanks for your help,

Michelle Eiteljorge

PS: I'm attaching a PowerPoint with screen shots of the same screen in html and html5 in Chrome so you can see the difference.

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