Formatting issues?

Hi! I have courses that were originally created in Storyline 2 and have been upgraded to Storyline 360. Could that be the reason some of my course features are now looking different than they originally were? For example, objects overlapping text, text no longer fitting in a set box, so being cut off at the bottom, etc.? If it's not from the conversion, does anyone have any other idea why this would have changed? I just want to make sure whatever caused it doesn't happen again. It's taking me a lot of time to go back and fix everything. Thanks! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Janelle!

I'm happy to help! Are you using the same Story Size as the project created in Storyline 2?

Using two different story sizes can result in formatting inconsistencies. If that doesn't sound like what you're experiencing, I'd like our Support Engineers to step in to take a look at your project. You can upload the .story file to our team using a support case.