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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bart,

I don't know if Maya subscribes to this thread, but if you've created a matching Drop down, you can resize the text boxes a bit and move them around as I have done in the screen shot below, but not the drop down. Depending on what text you have for your matching - it might also involve some formatting of text font size. 

You could always try creating a freeform quiz and simulating drop-down menus, as you'd be able to customize the size of the menu as well.

Maya L

Thanks, all!

Bart, sadly I did not find a way to arrange the drop downs in a single straight row. In the end, we actually decided to go with multiple choice questions on different screens, just to give us more control over the format and to make 508 compliance easier. We basically ask the learner to click one of the 3 silhouettes they see, which takes them to a question about that person, and then the return to the screen with the silhouettes after they get feedback on their answer.

I'm not sure if that helps you, but it was a totally doable workaround for us. Good luck!

Steve Gannon

Bart and Maya,

For future reference, here are steps you can use to align the drop-down boxes any way you like:

1. When setting up your question in Form View, in the first box on the left side where you would normally enter text, enter a single space instead. In the next box beneath it, enter two spaces. And so on.

2. Enter your drop-down box choices in the right column as you normally would.

3. When you view your question layout on the slide, you can shrink the width of each text/drop-down box considerably by selecting it and dragging the right handle to the left or the left handle to the right.

4. Now drag the drop-down boxes wherever you need them to appear on the slide.

5. Lastly, create text boxes for each matching drop-down box and position it as needed.

Attached is an example. This was built in Quizmaker rather than Storyline and the boxes are stacked vertically rather than arranged horizontally, but it's the same principle.

Hope that helps!