Formatting of Fill in the Blank changing to default

Feb 09, 2015

Can anyone tell me why my formatting changes when I import a question bank into a new storyline file and then draw from that bank? I have customized the fill in the blank box in the question bank in one file, and when I import that into a new file that I want to draw questions from, it reverts back to the default formatting for fill in the blank questions. Is there a way to stop this from happening or is there somewhere I can change what the default formatting is?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Have you customized it on the slide itself or utilizing a slide master? Based on this one file, I'm not sure I'm seeing the differences in the format - but is it defaulting to the format/set up of the new file you're importing into? Elements such as the story size, theme colors, etc. are specific to a file so if you're importing into a file that doesn't match, it'll apply the new files settings.

Lisa Phillips

I have customized it on individual slides, as i am not aware of a way to format the Fill In the Blank box on the master slide. That would be ideal. In the original attached file, you will see that the actual box where the answer is to be typed is long and off to the right. That is not how it is formatted in the file where the question bank is being drawn from. It is a small box centered in the sentence where the "blank" needs to be filled in. I have attached the file below from which the questions are being drawn so you can see how the fill in the blank boxes should look. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for this file - so I see the differences in the two, but I'm trying to import one into the other and vice versa (with and without question banks) and the formatting of the box remains the same. Can you confirm that you're working on project files as described here - and that you're importing as detailed here. 

There isn't a specific slide master for a fill in the blank, but you could set up a master that you could apply and use after the fact based on how you'd like questions of the same type to be set up. 

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