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Nov 04, 2013

Hi There,

I have associates using Storyline for the first time, and a few are having some confusion/difficulty with the formatting options in Storyline, because they're mostly used to using Microsoft programs like PowerPoint - and some of the features in Storyline, although set up in a similar fashion, work a bit differently... hoping you can help me direct them. The two questions posed to me are:

1. Can you customize the toolbar? If so, how? In Word or PowerPoint, you can customize the toolbar directly under the menu ribbon by clicking on "Customize Toolbar," but in Storyline, when we click this, nothing happens.

2. In Word and PowerPoint, the bulleting options are varied in shapes, numbers and letters, while Storyline only has the basic black dot and numbering. Are these the only options? If more options exist, how do we access them? Is there something better/more effective to use?

I've attached a Storyline file with some screen shots of what we're seeing. Thank you for your time and help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chrisanna,

The only options to customize that section of the toolbar are the "Save, Undo or Redo" as you'll see listed there, and you can chose only to show them or not show them. Additionally you can "Minimize the toolbar" which would minimize the Storyline toolbar. 

The bullet options you see there are the ones available within Storyline and then you have additional options for the numbered lists as you'll see in the image. There is an example in this thread, where he created some custom bullets, and it's a popular feature request to have more control and formatting in relation to the bullets.

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