Formatting Text in Captions

Nov 07, 2014

Is it possible to format the text in the captions so that they always appear the way you want them too? Right now mine have a shadowed text, which I don't want. I want to be able to customize them so that I don't have to always remove the shadow.

Additionally, if I can customize them, will they appear with my preferred customization in the screen recordings I create?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Stacy B


I'm a different Stacy!  I wonder if I'm missing any other hints and tips on how to change/reconfigure various default settings in Storyline 2?  Have there been any other advancements that will help me build courses faster?  Even simple defaults like placing a custom font color bar in the font color drop-down vs. having to access More Colors... each time would be helpful.  I develop straight content for users to learn how to use our software. I do this via Screen Recordings of my demos and insert these in Try Mode, to which I then remove the two default response layers for each slide.  Can I set it so these do not automatically attach?  Try Mode gives me the best chance to capture one idea in 6-8 slides (clicks) in under 30 seconds.  Then I format that scene and move to the next one, augmenting with overlaid .jpgs.

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Stacy! 

Thanks for your post! I always love finding a good hack or productivity booster, don't you? Some of your fellow community members have shared their time-saving tips here and here, so feel free to take a look at what's been shared there!

Since you asked about custom font colors specifically, you can add a custom color by going to the Design tab, then clicking Colors > Create New Theme Colors. 

And finally in regards to the Try Mode layers, try playing around with the Try Mode Options and Test Mode Options. You may want to experiment using Test Mode, since you have the ability to turn off all layers with that mode. 

Marti Stemm


I always set my Titles in the Master file.  That way whenever I add a new slide the style stays.  You can still alter an individual slide if that is not the title style that you want. 

If I want something really different for a slide I actually create it in PowerPoint, and then insert it as a picture.  That allow some dramatic options not available in Storyline2 directly.

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