Formatting the answer buttons for quizzes

I am in the middle of my first Storyline project. Everything has gone great until I tried to start creating quiz questions. I understand how to create and edit the wording of the questions and answers. What I cannot figure out is how to customize the individual answer buttons. For example,  I am trying to make a sequence drag-and-drop question. How do I customize the individual "A, B, C, D" buttons? I want to make them have a specific background, with a specific font, and with a specific shape. Also, I want to remove the preset listing numbers that are before each answer.

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Crystal Horn

Hey Ken!  Welcome to Heroes.  Glad to hear you're doing well with Storyline 2 so far!

Many of the attributes of the Form-based questions are customizable, but you've discovered one that is not.  The Sequence Drag and Drop is preformatted with the answer choice setup to make for quick question-building, but if you'd like a bit more customization, consider using a freeform quiz question!  You could build a free-form drag and drop interaction where you drag your answer choices into the correct order.

If you do, share what you've got here, so far, and our community are great at giving out design advice!