Formula calculation

May 31, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I need to perform a simple calculation in the storyline, which has the formula in it. On the first page, I have made the user to enter the inputs (x,y,z).

The Formula is (x/y)*z=P.

So, I need to perform the calculation and have to store the result value to the variable(Z).

I have attached the work file and articulate review link here for your reference.

Is this something that can be done in Storyline or does it require javascript? 

Any help is much appreciated!


Thank you,


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Phil Mayor

Create four variables





Add the following triggers in this order: (not sure what your listener would be, but could use on click)

Adjust variable, assign value of X to P

Adjust variable multiply P by Y

Adjust variable

Divide P by Z

You should have your answer

If you need to store in LMS then create a number question and assign the value and submit and report via a results slide,


Tech RockED

Thanks Phil for your quick response, It working well really appreciate but can you do one more favor?

I need one more formula to be performed in the storyline which is as follows.

User Input (a,b,c) and I have created the variables (E, F, G, H)

To Find:


and have to display