Found: Solution for Course Displayed in Middle of Page


I hope everyone is having a great day!  I'm writing to share a solution I came up with so that you can better position where your course sits on the story.html page.

In my case, the published output resided in the middle of the page.  However, we wanted it to be flush with the top of the page.  Initially, I adjusted the  <body margin> tag, but that was cutting the course at the top in some browsers.

The solution that worked for me was adding elements to the <tr> & <td> tags in story.html. I've attached a screenshot, but essentially I added  "align=center" to the <tr> tag, and "valign=top" to the <td> tag.  This made the course center on the page and flush with the top.  You can experiment with tags to position the flash output as you'd like.

Hope this is able to help someone.



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Michael Menge

This is exactly what I am looking for. Except it doesnt work. ;( Is there anyone else able to help?

Basically I want the (flash) output to align at the top, not in the middle of the page. I don't know why your solution doesn't work for me, because it should. So maybe I'm missing something?


Attached is my unmodified story.html

Michael Menge

The solutions provided here: and here: both do not seem to work (anymore?).

Is it really so difficult to make the content/player align with the top and not the middle? Especially with a responsive design and the differences in 16:9 and 4:3 screens (Laptop vs iPad) that's quite a problem.