Free data entry in Storyline to Moodle


Is it possible for any free text data entry fields that are used in Storyline to be pushed to Moodle?

For example, a learner is undertaking an e-learning course created in Storyline and they are asked to input their thoughts on an issue into a free text field… the learner enter in say 50-60 words; is it possible to capture this data entry and then store it in Moodle so than a Moodle Account Administrator can then view what has been written - almost like reading a mini essay?



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Nick Garrod


I have three slides:

Slide 1 - just an intro slide

Slide 2 - the short question survey interaction

Slide 3 - the score slide which "tracks" slide 2 interaction

I've published as SCORM to LMS Passed/Incomplete and it all publishes and uploads fine.

I've enrolled myself onto the test course in Moodle, run the course, enter text and get blank data in the interactions report.

What score slide should I use?