Free form Drag and drop - advanced

Let's say I have bulit a free form drag and drop with three boxes that should be placed on three other boxes. If the student does it in the correct way he should get some kind of positive feedback when submitting. No problems so far. But if some of the boxes are placed in the wrong position I would like them to bouce back to there original position when hitting the Submit button. Two questions:

Is there an easy way to to this?

If not easily implemented, how can it be done anyhow?



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Donna Morvan

Hi Gustaf,

I think you can do this by working with Drag and Drop states of your draggable items.

If you check the states, there is an option for you to add "Drop Over", "Drop Correct" and "Drop Incorrect".

What I did is to add another state for "Drop Incorrect" and it automatically set it back to that state when you hit the Submit button. The only problem with this however is that it only resets those items you mismatched. The correct matches stay in their correct state.

Anyways, a workaround I did was to put a trigger on the "Try Again" button that resets them all back to this state.

It's not perfect but should be a good starting point for you.

See attached.


Jean-Baptiste BOUGNET


I've tried Donna's solution but didn't succeed to make it work. I'm not sure, but it sounds like states are defined with relative coordinates, related to the shape, and not an absolute coordinates, related to the screen.

the only solution, I know so far,  is the solution provided by David Anderson in this thread :



Donna Morvan

Hey Jean-Baptiste,

The solution by Dave is actually very similar (in effect).

I may have failed to mention in the previous reply that when you create the state for the "Drop Incorrect", you have to move the actual shape towards the direction where it initally was. If you don't do this, then it won't work.

Try it again.

But again.. similar to the solution provided by Dave, it still does not do it immediately for those items that were matched correctly.

Hope this clarifies it a bit.

Donna Morvan

Hey Gustaf,

It shouldn't be too too crazy coz you'll pretty much be just copying and pasting the triggers so it works. It may be a triggerfest but doable. See attached.

Again, this is tricky because you don't really know how they're gonna end up matching everything so the format is not quite there yet - it doesn't really take it back to the starting point. It just scatters it so they have to mix and match again.


Donna Morvan

Hello Gustaf...

So.. I was rethinking this problem again and I realized there's a SUPER EASY solution.. I don't understand how we didn't think of it.

To reset to their initial positions..instead of going with the "show layer" trigger, just go with "jump to slide" on the "try again" button and make sure the slide's properties is set to "reset to initial state" when revisiting.