Free form drag and drop not allowing more attempts from the question bank

Hey guys and gals!

I have set up a series of freeform D&D questions. Have done all the settings to reset to initial state for 5 attempts and everything worked fine until I placed them into the question bank for the randomization that I need.

Now the jump to the original slide on my try again button has become unassigned and I cannot reference the base layer as a new slide to reset to initial state...It doesn't allow me to reference the individual slide, just the question set which has botched my

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Katie Riggio

Good afternoon, MarkAnthony. I'm happy to lend a hand! 

Could adding a Retry Quiz button to the result slide work for your current design? That will generate the triggers below, and learners will have an unlimited number of attempts to retake the quiz. 


Let me know, and we'll explore further from there!