Free Form Drag & Drop Issue

Hey there,

I'm working on a free form drag and drop interaction in Storyline where users drag a logo onto a hotspot to reveal an image. The interaction works with 2 of the logos, which are similarly shaped (short & wide), but is very finicky for the third logo (which is closer to a square). The third logo only seems to work when it is dropped on the edge of the hotspot, but does not work when dropped in the middle. I've tried using a layer as the hotspot, as well as various hotspot shapes and sizes, but the problem persists.

Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom,

Ok, I just sent you two files - the second one I think works much better for what you need, and in case anyone else comes across this thread I also wanted to explain it here.

The layers that were being triggered for each drop item, were hiding elements of the hotspot, so the user was only able to get it just on the outside edge that wasn't hidden by an image on the layer. To fix this, we set up a trigger on each layer, to hide the layer when the user moused over a new hotspot area (that covered the other remaining logos). This way when they went back to drag a new logo, the layer hides and it's like they're starting fresh. 

You'll also need to set a dropped state for those logos to change to hidden when dropped as else they'll still appear on the base layer in the drop target area (doesn't cause problems with dropping items, but did look a little messy).

Hopefully you're all set now, but you can reply here or to the email!