Free-form help needed. Objects move after drag and drop.

Hello Everyone,


Slide Two has drag and drop objects on it developed using the free-form drag and drop tool.  When the user moves the objects and click submit for feedback, some of the items move on the screen to an undetermined place and some objects disappear.  Thus, if the user answers incorrectly, they don't have an opportunity to re-drag the items correctly (even though 2 attempts are allowed).

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Walt Hamilton

The problem is with your drop Correct States. In creating the Dropped Correct state, you should have changed only its appearance, like you did for the hover state, and let the program deal with where it is.

So, for example, when Critical Activities is dropped in the correct box, and is changed to the Dropped Correct state, it shows up down and to the right of where it really is. If you want to know where it really is, hover over it, and the hover state will show where it is. In the same way, some of them move so far as to be off the slide.

The easiest way to change this is to delete the Dropped Correct states, and recreate them, this time changing only the color.

Michael Wilder

Walt, thanks much for your advice.  I realized that I tried to manually build a drag and drop process, before I discovered 'free form" so this might have been a left over. 

I think I fixed that, but now there are supposed to be two attempts on this slide, but nothing happens when the the Submit button is pressed the first time (acting like attempt 1, but no feedback is given), until the Submit button is pressed the second time. But if the it's incorrect, the slide simply advances on. 

Any ideas of how to trigger feedback on the first attempt (first time pressing Submit)?

Walt Hamilton

In slide view, edit this slide and click on Form View. At the bottom. put text in the Try Again pane. This will cause the Try Again layer to be created, and it will work.

The design flow for multiple attempts is that after the the user submits a wrong answer, the Try Again layer is shown, and after the final wrong answer, the Incorrect layer is shown.

You don't see anything after the first wrong attempt because there is no Try Again layer.