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Apr 10, 2017


I have a created a free form quiz with drop down options and added Triggers and Variables etc. The only thing I did not see in Form View is making a question required. Is there a trigger that will force questions on a free form required?

The slide has about 6 question.

Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jeannie!

Is this the Require option you're looking for?

You'll only see that option if you've selected Score: None in the scoring options. But not to worry, there are other ways you can require the learner to answer the question before moving on to the next slide.

Are you using the default Submit button in the player? If so, your learners will be required to answer the question, since they can't move on without clicking Submit. 

Would you be able to share your file, or even just the one slide, so we can see what you have set up so far? That'll help folks in the community to give you suggestions on where to go from here.

Jeannie Jurado

re-attaching the .story

Thank you fore responding Alyssa!

Unfortunately, the scoring is not set to none. In addition, I am not using the player default and instead using a customized submit button.

I have took a quiz template that I found on E-Learning Heroes and added a new slide, selected Free Form: Pick One, and then converted to a Free Form interactivity. - Created two objects: Correct and Incorrect and attached triggers to them to show those layers.

I have removed all the information that I would have used in the .story to attached the file on the site.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, I see. Thanks for sharing your file here! Are you envisioning a layer that appears if the user clicks the Submit button and has only answered only 1 of the 2 questions? Let us know a bit more about how you'd like the interaction to work, and hopefully folks from the community can chime in with their ideas for your custom set up. :)

Jeannie Jurado

Thank you for responding.

I would like a layer to appear when the tester does not answer all (and if possible one question). In addition, would like the layer to appear, but also allow them to have an opportunity to answer all the questions on the slide.

I currently have a seven drop down questions, but the attach has only two.


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