Free From text Entry Wildcard

I am trying to create a text entry assessment, where students are required to provide a written response to their question of which there are literally thousands of potential answers. However, we are looking for 'Key Words' and 'Key Phrases' to be included within their response (answers are based on opinion not fact) such as "It is NOT clear..."  "Has not met...".

Is there a way to list only these keywords/phrases within the acceptable answers list, and allow the students to provide the appropriate answer and be deemed correct. We need to provide feedback on whether the terminology used is correct, and if not guide them to the correction. Otherwise, I'd simply leave the feedback off and let them skip ahead.

I have tried adding an *wildcard to the answer list but that hasn't worked for me.

I hope this explanation of what I am trying to do has made sense. Thanks in advance.

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