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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased an Xbox One and decided to recreate the dashboard in Storyline.

The "Game Center" demo allows a user to customize their dashboard, play a fully customizable word search game, check out leaderboards, and gain achievements.

Check out a working demo here.

Download the Storyline file here.


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Thanks for the comments. My organization is starting to request different types of training games so I threw together a demo to show how learners can interact and access multiple games within the same course. I  plan on developing notifications and achievements to use as motivation to complete each game.

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I'm still developing the project so I haven't had the opportunity to track progress. However, you could track learners by using variables and a quiz result:

  1. Create a trigger which updates a variable when the status of all games is completed (e.g., Set "Completed" equal to true when the timeline starts, If "game1" is equal to completed, and "game 2" is equal to completed....).
  2. Create another trigger to direct the learner to a T/F quiz when the timeline starts if the variable "Completed" is equal to true.
  3. Set the correct answer of the T/F quiz to True and modify the button to  something like, "Click to Complete this training course".
  4. Track course based on this quiz result slide.

There are probably other ways to go about this but that is all I can think of for now. Feel free to experiment and let me know if you discover anything else!

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Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the comment!

I first added generic names in the LeaderBoard homepage (e.g., Tom Smith: Score 170, Jane Wilson: Score 150). I then placed the variable %username% over these text boxes in a 'hidden' state which will only display when the user receives a score in a given range. For example, the learners name would become visible and replace Tom Smith's name if his/her variable for "score" is > 170.