Free (movable) items on Master Slides


I'd like some items on Master Slide to be freely movable by users, a bit like placeholders do.

I've gome some picture icons that sometimes need to be moved up or down according to the amount of text on their side.

I fear it's impossible with pictures.

But, if you look at the sample Story file provided by Emily here (Pop_Up_Update.story):

the button in the Feedback layout is freely moveable when layout is applied and I have NO IDEA how it's been done!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre -- Many thanks for your patience, and unfortunately, I have not had much luck making headway either, so I would like to set you up in a case so that our Support Engineers are able to share their technical insights, as well. I will create the case in just a moment and you will be receiving an email confirmation message shortly. :)