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This is my problem: I've a lesson which has navigation restricted so students will have to go through all the slides without skipping for completion. I've set the always resume option so they can start from last slide if they exit and re-enter in the lesson. No problem with this. It works. In the last slide there is a "complete course as completed/pass" trigger. The LMS gets the information and recognize properly the lesson as completed. But, I would like also to have the student to be able to freely navigate in the lesson if he wants to review it after completion. That doesn't works. Once he finishes the lesson he gets back in but navigation is restricted like it was the first access to it even though the LMS passes the information that is completed. Sorry for my bad english... I hope I was clear. Thank you in advance for the attention.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Francesco, 

Happy to help! 

An idea that comes to mind is to use a trigger that will override the restricted navigation. Since the Next button is set to disabled when using restricted navigation, you can create a trigger that changes the Next button to Normal when an event has happened. Here is an example of a trigger that would change the default behavior from disabled to normal: 

You will want to add this type of trigger to each slide to override the default settings. You can find more details on this here: 

I hope that others in the community can share what has worked for them as well!